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WWE Furiously REMOVED Sasha Banks From The Royal Rumble For BACKSTAGE ISSUE!

Update on why Sasha Banks was removed from the 2020 women's royal rumble match and her possible injury status

Sasha Banks was no where to be seen at the 2020 women’s royal rumble match despite being advertised to compete at the royal rumble 2020 for weeks. Sasha Banks quietly hasn’t wrestled at all since an early January edition of WWE Friday Night Smackdown on Fox. Since then WWE, has said that Sasha Banks was finishing her music album and then when Sasha Banks was set to compete against Lacey Evans a week before the royal rumble, Sasha Banks was attacked backstage and once again “unable to compete”. But what really set everyone off about Sasha Banks injury status was the fact that Sasha Banks was removed from the royal rumble and replaced with Kelly Kelly and Santina. The Royal Rumble date, January 26, 2020 was also Sasha Banks’ birthday, Sasha turns 28 years old and everyone expected a huge birthday royal rumble performance but Sasha banks never showed up. This is now clear indication that something isn’t right with Sasha Banks, she’s likely unable to compete right now for medical reasons and while have to wait and see just how long Sasha Banks will be out of the ring for and when will Sasha Banks be cleared. What are your thoughts on WWE possibly hiding an injury with Sasha Banks and Sasha Banks missing the royal rumble? Leave your comments, don't forget to Subscribe with notifications on, and leave a like if you enjoyed! Thanks for Watching!


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