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WWE's Drake Maverick Fires Back At Fans Who Question His Release


Drake Maverick has responded to those who either thought his WWE return angle was in poor taste or questioned the legitimacy of his April release during an interview with News18.

The NXT star says he never once asked questions of company creative after they announced him for the Cruiserweight Title tournament on 12 April before WWE then released him three days later. Maverick claims nobody else caught up in the release frenzy had a situation quite like his.

He was still booked to appear in at least three "prime time real estate" spots on television before cutting ties with the promotion, and he was determined not to be unprofessional by burning bridges on his way out the door.


Drake understands why some didn't like the quick turnaround, but said (rather definitively), "Guys, it's my life - it's not a storyline".

His thoughts were only on business despite all the emotion; if WWE didn't want to keep Maverick around, then the Brit believed someone else would be impressed by his work ethic and professionalism on the way out the door.


As always, this won't placate those who just didn't like the timing of WWE's angle.