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WWE Raw Star Reveals Why He's Been Missing From TV


WWE's Riddick Moss appeared on the 'Spark In The Dark' podcast to lift the lid on why he's been missing from television during the ongoing global pandemic.

According to the former 24/7 Champ, he was "having a blast" in the company before COVID-19 came along and "shut everything down". That changed Riddick's entire outlook on things, because he knew he had to think of more than just himself.

He revealed that his brother has a compromised immune system due to cystic fibrosis. The siblings currently live together, and so Moss wasn't willing to put his brother's life in danger by continuing to show up for events at WWE's Performance Center.


In other words, he took his own selfish needs out of the game and focused on family.

Riddick's latest televised match for WWE came on the 20 July episode of Main Event (he beat Humberto Carrillo; the pair also worked together on the 3 July edition). The earlier bout was his first appearance since the 9 March episode of Raw.


Things have apparently changed yet again, and Moss feels more comfortable working matches than he did several months ago.