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THIS Former WWE Wrestler Wants An AEW Contract


Former WWE wrestler Aiden English has expressed an interest in signing with AEW once he returns to the squared circle.

English tweeted the following earlier this week:-


Now competing as 'Drama King' Matthew Rehwoldt, the former Miro associate announced his comeback last month, claiming that he is now taking bookings following his WWE release back in April. His first match back goes down tomorrow, as he faces 'Filth King' Brubaker for Zelo Pro Wrestling in Chicago.

Rehwoldt's association with Miro helped get the Rusev Day phenomenon over in WWE in the first place, with his theatric ring announcing a huge part of why the act became so popular. The promotion failed both of them, refusing to pull the trigger on the tandem despite their surging popularity, with "Happy Rusev Day" t-shirts amongst the company's best-selling merch items at one point. They were split abruptly in September 2019, with Rusev winning ablow-off match the following month.


Rehwoldt hasn't wrestled since April 2019, when he faced Kassius Ohno for a Worlds Collide show. He became a WWE commentator three months prior, working mostly on 205 Live, though he also moonlighted on SmackDown.