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Predicting The Next 10 WWE Universal Champions

Ever since it was introduced in the summer of 2016, the WWE Universal Championship has never felt as important as it currently does. As it turns out, having Brock Lesnar dominate the scene for about two years won't help the title picture in the long run, particularly when he only shows up once or twice a millennium.

However, at the time of writing, the blue strap now feels more important than the WWE Championship held by Drew McIntyre. With a freshly heel Roman Reigns standing as the current champ, the title once again feels worth paying attention to, which was needed after a fairly dismal feud between former holders Bray Wyatt and Braun Strowman.

Flanked by Paul Heyman, 'The Big Dog' will no doubt do wonders with the championship once again placed over his shoulder. Like the title itself, he feels fresh for the first time since his 2014 run. You don't need to be told how the past six years have been for Reigns, bar that period of time when he returned from leukaemia, and everyone loved him again (and understandably so).

But what about the future? Reigns' first title defence as a Paul Heyman Guy is slated for Clash of Champions on 27 September against Jey Uso of all people. However, we're looking years ahead with this article.