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Jeff Hardy Says He Is On His Last Chance In WWE


WWE's Jeff Hardy has claimed he is down to his last chance with the promotion.

Speaking in a new interview with BT Sport, the reigning Intercontinental Champion said that if he "screws up" again, he's done.

"Getting in trouble with the law is no fun and I hope and pray that's over, because I said when I first came back, 'this is my last chance to get it right,'" said Jeff. "That is so true. I can't screw up again. If I do, I'm done. I think that's what brings such happiness. I have my family and everybody in my family is healthy."


March saw Hardy return to WWE programming after a turbulent period that saw him suffer a series knee injury, ruling him out for an extended period, before he was arrested for driving while impaired in October 2019. This came just three months after a previous arrest for public intoxication.

WWE turned these struggles into a storyline with his Road to Redemption against Sheamus. Now, the veteran is riding high as IC Champion, locked into a feud with AJ Styles and Sami Zayn, and claims that while he has "done sober runs in the past," this one has to stick.