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Ex-WWE Star Admits His WWE Video Game Payments "Drastically" Dropped


AEW's Matt Cardona was left stunned when a royalty payment popped through the door and WWE's cheque revealed how much cash he was getting for his very first WWE video game. Then, years later, Cardona watched with slight disappointment as those payments dropped and dropped...and dropped.


During an interview with Fightful, the former WWE star revealed that he wasn't earning anywhere near the same amount for 2K's games towards the end of his run with the company. That didn't completely destroy his excitement about being featured in a video game, but it did puzzle the former 'Long Island Iced-Z'.


Cardona's first gaming appearance came as a downloadable bonus (alongside Curt Hawkins) in THQ's SmackDown vs. Raw 2009. He pretty much became a digital regular after that - Ryder only missed a few entries in 2K's later series, and it was never explained why.

His final showing was in the terribly-received WWE 2K20. Cardona says he didn't get as much cash as some might think for that game.


According to him, 2K's royalty payments went "drastically down and down and down" as the years rolled on.