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WWE has a bit of a problem building new stars, and that problem is named Vincent Kennedy McMahon. Get in good with the guy, and a wrestler can be pushed to the moon but annoy or, worse, bore him, and they won't even be wished luck in their future endeavours anymore.

This article was originally intended to be a light-hearted look at how Vince can't look beyond his own whims or an immediate profit to a long-term plan anymore. It would've seen the terrible crimes (can't speak in a Southern accent/didn't get over despite being booked to constantly lose in irredeemable ways) that wrestlers committed to get into his bad books. Remember when Titus O'Neil was suspended for gently nudging Vince? That kind of thing.

This was the plan until the world got turned upside down. Since March, WWE's year has been a whirlwind of bad news, controversies, and other shenanigans, onscreen and off. This means the tone is almost certainly going to be something of a rollercoaster as we take a look at all the things Vince McMahon got tired of in the first half of 2020...